Tie Dye Kit

Have some crafty fun creating hues of blue on your favorite fabrics and clothes!

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An afternoon of arts & crafts is all ready!
Tie-dye up to 15 t-shirts!

Created from the fermented leaves of the indigo plant, evidence of indigo dyed cloth has been found with Egyptian mummies going back 5,000 years – and it’s also been found in archeological ruins from Peru, Guatemala, China, Japan, and Africa. While indigo is one of the oldest dyes used for fabrics, it’s still used today to color blue jeans! And now, whatever you want to dye, too!

Set includes:

-20 g Pre-Reduced Indigo Dye
-100 g Soda Ash
-50 g Sodium Hydrosulfite
-1 Pair of Gloves
Natural dye method
Dyes 15 t-shirts worth of fabric
Ideal for 100% natural fibers
Conforms to ASTM D-4236