Hello Bello Training Pants Are Coming Soon!

Super soft, easy on & off, with ‘big kid’ designs – these will get your wee ones wee-weeing in the potty in no time!

Say Hello to More Pleasant Potty Training!

Say Hello to More Pleasant Potty Training!

Hello Bello Training Pants are potty trainers reimagined.
From the cottony-soft stretchiness to the premium absorbent core to the cute as the dickens designs, get ready for a premium potty training experience.

Super Comfy & Fun for Kids

Your big kiddo wants to be in control, and they can be with our easy on & off, fully flexible fit that feels like undies. Combined with cotton-like softness, cute designs, and breathability, Hello Bello Training Pants are a perfect match for even the pickiest preschoolers.

Extra Peace of Mind for You

Sensitive skin? These are made without lotion, latex, or fragrance. Leery about leaks? Our advanced core uses a unique spherical SAP for premium absorbency – day & night. Our Training Pants are also made with totally chlorine-free, sustainably-harvested fluff pulp and a plant-based core liner. Win, win, win!
Easy up & down
Ultra-soft, cloth-like feel
Premium leg cuffs to prevent leakage
Flexible fit
Plant-derived absorbent core liner (beneath acquisition layer)
Sustainably-harvested fluff pulp
Made without lotion, latex, or fragrance
Disposal tape for quick cleanup
Made Without
Artificial fragrance
Chlorine Processing