Hello Bello and Pacific Clinics Surprise Deserving Mamas

Hello Bello and Pacific Clinics Surprise Deserving Mamas

When I became a mama three years ago, a few unexpected things happened. I became a spontaneous crier (UGH), joined and quit two mommy-and-me groups (because I couldn’t deal with all the judge-y ladies) and started seeking out mom and baby-based organizations I could give back to because I realized that even under the best of circumstances, raising happy and healthy kiddos is crazy hard.

Which brings me to Hello Bello, a company I love for many reasons (aside from working here!) including the fact that giving back is at the core of everything we do. As a team, we’ve supported some amazing organizations in our short three months in biz, including Alliance of Moms, the Ronald McDonald House and the Oklahoma Red Cross.

When it came time to think about Mother’s Day (which is kind of Hello Bello’s Super Bowl!) we wanted to do something impactful to delight moms but we weren’t sure exactly where to look. That’s where our co-founder Kristen Bell stepped in. She introduced us to No Kid Healthy and Pacific Clinics, an organization here in Southern California that supports families by providing lots of amazing services, including free childcare for low-income families.

We decided to partner with Pacific Clinics by giving away surprise goodie bags and diapers at their locations in Los Angeles, Glendale and Altadena, on the Friday before Mother’s Day. It was a day full of magic, emotion (mostly from me :) and smiles, both from our team on hand and from the hard working mamas we were lucky to meet.

Our little Hello Bello gift bags were just a small thing but they were scooped up in seconds. And hopefully helped to make these mamas feel a little extra special, because they all deserve that and more.

Click here if you want to learn more about Pacific Clinics and join us in supporting them!

xo ~ Amy Wicks, Director of Content and Community


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