Take a Peek at Our Adorable, New Diaper Factory!

Take a Peek at Our Adorable, New Diaper Factory!

After years of planning, one of our biggest diaper dreams has finally become a reality! We have our very own diaper factory and it may come as a surprise, but it makes us the only independent diaper company in the US to manufacture their own diapers from design to delivery!

Our custom, state-of-the-art 312,000 square-feet integrated facility is no ordinary, snoozy, boring factory. That's just not how we roll. We enlisted 
Waco hometown heroes Chip and Joanna Gaines' Magnolia design team to assist on general design, staging and visual merchandising for the space. It might be the cutest factory ever :)

It's a multi-million dollar investment in U.S. manufacturing – creating nearly 200 new jobs for the region, providing greater sustainability in production and distribution, best-in-class quality control, and keeping costs low, too! That's called a win, win, win, win, win, win, win.

Fun Facts

  • Our machine has over 100 cameras that take pictures of each diaper at each step along the way. Talk about quality control!
  • Our machine can produce 800 diapers a minute. That’s 13 diapers a second! 
  • Our diapers have only 20 raw materials. You can count that on just your fingers and toes!


  • Our machine uses up to 50% less energy.
  • Our diapers are designed to have zero waste through the manufacturing process.
  • We currently divert 82% of facility waste from the landfill.

More details and behind the scenes photos and videos to come! And, if you're in the area, come check out our store (opening soon). We'll be offering tours next year, too!





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