The Hello Bello Mobile Hits the Road!

The Hello Bello Mobile Hits the Road!

If you spotted a dark blue Chrysler Pacifica on the road last week with an oversized Hello Bello logo, chances are you came across me and my family as we road tripped from Jackson Hole to Santa Monica! 

Before I get to our epic 1,500 mile journey, I should give you a little background on our trip. A few months ago, Chrysler reached out and offered to wrap one of their slick new mini vans with our logo as part of their Ultimate Summer Road Trip event, starting in Jackson Hole. They invited us, along with 22 families from all over the country, with the idea of driving to our respective homes in brand new Pacificas and sharing our stories along the way. 

My husband (who also works at Hello Bello!) is a BIG fan of mobile vacays so we decided to fly out with our littles (10 months old and three years old) to take on this family adventure! If you have toddlers and/or babes in your life, you'll be able to relate to the fact that this was, indeed, an adventure, in the truest sense of the word!

All those toddler "are we there yet," comments aside, we had a blast, bonded as a family...and we ate a lot of Doritos :) Here's a little diary of our trip!

Day 1:

We flew into Jackson Hole and spent the morning driving around Grand Teton National Park and enjoyed an afternoon of eating our way through Jackson's cafes and restaurants.

Day 2:

We hit the road and visited Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park. I would love to say my daughter was psyched to see the geyser but to be honest, she was still confused at how we were at a park that had no slides, swings or sand boxes to play in 😂.

As we continued our journey through national parks, we hit up Zion in southern Utah, where we learned our daughter, Sydney, is a natural at climbing rocks!

Day 3:

On our last leg of the drive, we stopped in Las Vegas at one of my favorite restaurants, Momofuku, in the Cosmopolitan hotel. I've never been to Vegas with kids before but my daughter enjoyed our walk through the sparkly hallways of the casino and I think she may have tried her luck at a slot machine (shhh, let's keep that part a secret). 

Six states and 1,500 miles later, we made it home. We did it! I've never been a road trip kind of person but I will admit this was a journey of a lifetime and a trip I'll always treasure. Will I jump at the chance to spend 11 hours again in a car with babes and toddlers...probably not. But we were so lucky to get to drive our new Hello Bello-mobile home to Santa Monica and now, if you're out and about in the Los Angeles area, keep an eye out for us. See you on the road!

xo ~ Amy Wicks, Director of Content and Community 











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